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What I love most about Astrolex is that they have laser-focused intuition and hone in on exactly what I need advice and insight around and she delivers sensitive information with kindness and grace.

Lisa Fraley

After Astrolex reading, I now look up at the night sky and see a whole new wondrous Universe reflecting back at me. Their writings & courses have my attention, and that’s one of the most valuable currencies.

Harriel Miller

In older days, without checking panchangam, people didn't even step out of their homes. But in today's world, Astrolex has come up with valuable services which give you all the astrological information you need.

Kumar Patel

The Astrolex guys are my go-to guides for astrology. Their knowledge is incredible and their intuition is always spot on! I check in with them monthly for her guidance and support. I’m psyched to have them in my speed dial.

Gabrielle Soles

Astrolex insight helped me make key decisions for my fast growing company. They’ll give you priceless information about yourself and your business that is both grounded and inspiring. Their intuition is off the charts.

Marie Carr

I have had chart readings many times over the years, but my reading with Astrolex was by far one of the most helpful I have ever had. They are intuitive, insightful and thoughtful.  They work with real-life issues and opportunities.

Bella Mckinley

I felt like I not only had an astrological reading, but also a session with a caring coach who is committed to helping others become more of who they are meant to be. Getting my chart done was like the best therapy session of the year!

Alisa Bernstein

I had my first incredible reading with Astrolex over 3 years ago. I had just had a miscarriage and it was my deep desire to have a child. During the reading we saw that Saturn was over my moon and would create challenges for the next 2 years.

Mila Kennis